Environmental collaborations and projects

Advising our customers on a path forward to a circular economy is a long term endevour.

But we need to take action here and now to collectively start working off the enormous environmental debt we have as a society. That is why Splitvision is engaged continuously in various environmental projects that may perhaps not be directly linked to our business, but are areas that we see where we can make a substantial difference and help grow.

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Green Venture (TZ) is a start-up recycling plant based in Arusha, Tanzania run by Edgar Edmund. Edgar won the Children’s Climate award in 2017 for his early attempts at devising a plastic recycling machine to make building bricks from waste. Through capital investments in industrial machinery and mentoring from Splitvision, we have together been able to build a recycling plant turning waste PE and PP into plastic planks for decking and furniture. This way, the waste that otherwise would disperse and pollute precious natural environments or water ways now get upcycled into useful and stable products. In 2021, we have taken great steps and now Green Venture is upcycling approximately 500 kgs daily. Thinking in terms of compensation, that amount corresponds to a large chunk of Splitvision´s usage of virgin resin. Get in touch if you feel that this system could fit in with your business, and let’s work together in creating a grass roots recycling industry!


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Another project supported by Splitvision is The Global Ecobrick Alliance (GEA), which represents the coming together of plastic transition leaders around the world. Their invention – Ecobricks, are a simple, low-tech solution to our plastic waste and pollution problem that follows the Earth’s ancient example in carbon care. An Ecobrick is a PET bottle packed solid with clean and dry used plastic, and, when packed to a set density, they become reusable building blocks that sequester plastic.

The Ecobrick movement spreads primarily through training sessions in the field. Splitvision has sponsored “training of trainer” sessions to get an exponential growth of the movement in Indonesia and the Philippines. We have also been advising on how conscious businesses could team up and make Ecobricking part of larger system. In 2021, despite Covid-19, The Global Ecobrick Alliance (GEA) managed to launch a manual blockchain for valuing an ecological service. We believe it is the first in the world. Check it out!


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Since climate change spurred by greenhouse gas emissions may be one of the most urgent environmental issues to tackle, Splitvision has set up an offsetting mechanism through Zero Mission and Plan Vivo.  In our opinion, forests may be the most efficient carbon capturer of all and brings with it a wealth of other benefits such as protection from land erosion, cooler microclimate and water retention. We are currently carbon offsetting by supporting forestry in Bujang Raba on Sumatra in Indonesia. With smart design, the Co2 footprint of your product can be low enough to balance the inevitable release by carbon offsetting at an economically viable level.