Beach Boar

Frescobol is a racket sport practiced by a team of two or three athletes for a specified time period. The players are partners where co-operation, joint strengths and skills are the key to success.

To create the best possible racket for Frescobol we collaborated with Beach Boar to evaluate and develop every last detail ranging from grip ergonomics, centre of gravity, weight, core material properties, shape dynamics, surface material and the form transition between the grip and the blade.

The process involved constantly testing new concepts and finding innovative manufacturing solutions to realise any design challenges, resulting in a high performance product and design identity customised for the game of Frescobol.

Superior Control

The seamless form transition between the blade and the grip increases rigidity and power, whilst reducing vibration when striking the ball.

The ergonomics and design of the grip profile are suited to both long and short game play, as well as creating more intuitive hand positioning for forehand and backhand shots.

The total weight and specific location for the centre of gravity are also carefully calculated to improve balance and control.

The Blade

The blade is made from carbon fiber laminated over a foam injected polyurethane (PU) core. The shape, thickness and properties of the materials have been evaluated in order to increase the torsional strength and bending stiffness, without compromising on performance or weight.

The combination of carbon fiber and the specific density of the PU is optimized to increase the sweet spot and give the player more control when striking the ball, resulting in a dynamic racket with a consistently flat and responsive playing surface.


The pink and green versions are manufactured in fiberglass with a high gloss lacquered finish.

By making small changes to the combination of core and surface materials it’s possible to customise the product for different player demands.