Danfoss heat pumps

In 2006 Splitvision began collaborating with Thermia, this also included developing a product road map and design identity guideline for the launch of a whole new ground source Heat Pump product range for Danfoss in 2008.

The new products were designed as a modular system to cut costs from manufacturing to logistics, with the product road map establishing a clear definition between mid-range and premium models.

The design language is influenced primarily by white goods which allows buyers to choose where they place the product in the home, an important factor following todays growing trend of heating systems becoming more commonly situated in the utility room or home entrance.

Heat Pump range

One key element of the Danfoss design identity is the central stripe. The modular concept allows the stripe element to be finished in different styles to appeal to various markets, creating clear definition between mid-range and premium models within the product line.