Dynapac compaction equipment

Dynapac is one of the world’s most specialized and experienced manufacturers of compaction and paving equipment.

Splitvision has been involved in the development of the compactors, working with; product design guidelines, ergonomics, exterior, and cabin design.

The work comprises a wide range of equipment, from small asphalt rollers to large soil compactors. The following pictures show a selection from this work.

Dynapac Single Drum Soil Compactor

Weight: 4,5 tonnes
Length: 3,9 meters
Width: 1,5 meters
Height: 2,5 meters

DYNAPAC Tandem Asphalt Roller

Weight: 8,2 tonnes
Length: 3,9 meters
Width: 1,8 meters
Height: 2,9 meters

DYNAPAC Single Drum Soil Compactor

Weight: 12,5 tonnes
Length: 5,5 meters
Width: 2,4 meters
Height: 2,9 meters

Tandem Asphalt Roller

Weight: 12,5 tonnes
Length: 5,0 meters
Width: 2,3 meters
Height: 3,0 meters

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