Dynapac compaction equipment

Splitvision has been involved in the development of the compactors, working with; product design guidelines, ergonomics, exterior, and cabin design.

The work comprises a wide range of equipment, from small asphalt rollers to large soil compactors. The following pictures show a selection from this work.

Dynapac is one of the world’s most specialized and experienced manufacturers of compaction and paving equipment.

Dynapac Single Drum Soil Compactor

Weight: 4,5 tonnes
Length: 3,9 meters
Width: 1,5 meters
Height: 2,5 meters

DYNAPAC Single Drum Soil Compactor

Weight: 12,5 tonnes
Length: 5,5 meters
Width: 2,4 meters
Height: 2,9 meters

DYNAPAC Tandem Asphalt Roller

Weight: 8,2 tonnes
Length: 3,9 meters
Width: 1,8 meters
Height: 2,9 meters

Tandem Asphalt Roller

Weight: 12,5 tonnes
Length: 5,0 meters
Width: 2,3 meters
Height: 3,0 meters

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