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The world’s smallest 16A 250V connector with earth and protective shutter, and a modular cord and outlet system.

Moduel had a vision of solving the cord tangle situation and to make an attractive alternative to the cheap and ugly cord extension products currently dominating the market.To realize that goal Splitvision invented a miniature connector that enabled the creation of a modular system.

This conector interface is used through out the system to conect cord to cord, cord to module, module to module and module to cord. Splitvision has provided a total service solution, from brand guide lines and design, via engineering and certification, all the way to production and deivery.

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A modular system

DIY modular system for extension cords and electrical outlets. Moduel allows consumers to safely place their outlets and smart functions where needed and not where the electrician once put them. If you need an extra outlet you add one. If you want a timer you add one in line, not on top. Add a switch? Choose where you want it, it doesn’t have to sit first in the chain.

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smallest appliance connector

Smaller than an appliance connetcor

The unique feature of the Z1 connector is that, although it falls under the standard for Home appliance connectors (IEC 60320), it has a protective shutter which complies to the standard for Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes (IEC 60884).  Even though it has the shutter function it still is smaller than the standard appliance connector C19 which is the equivalent rating wise (16A). It is even smaller than the C13 which is rated 10A. It is built to meet the requirements of a household outlet so it’s truly made for the consumer market.

moduel production

Years of R&D

In patient collaboration with our supplier network, exploring everything from non standard aloys to new production methods, we were able to push the boundaries of  what was by the industry believed as possible.

The Z1 connector is ready to intergate into your appliance now.

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