Schneider Electric

Splitvision has had a 20 year long collaboration with Thorsman – now a part of the Schneider Electrics group – so we were excited to take part of the development of a whole new installation system, Optiline 50.

Matching the long lifetime of electrical installation systems, we tried to create a clean, classic look, reflecting what Optiline 50 is all about: simplicity and user friendliness with a human feel.

Schneider Electric provides a wide range of wiring installation systems for power, data- and control network.

Installation systems

The Optiline 50 system consists of over 20 different products. In addition, the modules are available in two colours; high gloss black and white.

The whole range was given a coherent design expression with recurring, characteristic design elements.


Through various options of modular elements this system offers you to configure unique solutions according to your needs.

Service poles

The Poles offers access to power data- and control network in open office landscapes. Again, we strived for a clean, subtle design.

Mini pop-up

The Mini pop-up table box offers a hidden connection. Thanks to our innovation to use a soft plastic (TPE) rim to cover the cord when closed, the Mini pop-up looks good both with and without connected cords.

Function modules

The modules were given a strict and clean design to be able to harmonize with the different looks of the applications. All in all eight different modules match each other and form a unity when mounted vertically or horizontally. On the image, some of the modules are represented, mounted in one of the trunking solutions.

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