Tintron Lab – Geyser

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Pleural effusion drainage system. Improved life quality, hospital grade – comfort of home

Geyser was developed with the mission to improve life quality for people in need of long-term regular pleural effusion drainage, offering convenience and high mobility when intermittent regular drainage is required, in both hospital and homecare settings.

portfolio - geyser

Automated drainage procedure

To provide best possible comfort the 4-minute pre-programmed pulsatile drainage cycle starts with slow and soft pulses that gradually increase in strength and frequency.
The 4-minute cycle is designed to drain a volume of 250 ml, displayed visually on the collection bag.

portfolio - geyser

Easy handling

A sterile 750 ml disposable collection bag with visual volume display is easily handled. Simply snap in the drainage line to the pump, connect to the Intra Pleural Catheter and then push the start button.