Twixit Seal & Pour

The Seal and Pour clip doesn’t need to be removed from the bag in order to pour the contents.

By opening the lid it provides a more consistent and accurate pouring method, whilst at the same time improves the user experience of accessing the product more easily without facing the possibility of pouring from a damaged or folded bag. The transparent plastic on the lid was chosen to emphasize the new patented interface, while the familiar colours along with the Twixit proven locking mechanism strengthens relationship within the brand.

The transparent parts also give a greater sense of quality and logevity, whilst simoultaneously the properties of the harder polypropylene resin provides a better ‘click’ when closing. This is combined with the flexible properties of a softer PP which is adapted for the hinges.


Dual-link hinge

In order to facilitate the application of the clamp on the bag and make it more intuitive a dual-link hinge was developed that allows the the spout to be pushed away from the arms when opened. These links consist of two so-called ‘living hinges’ and two flex zones.