Wärtsilä 3C – control and communication center

Wärtsilä is a global leader in complete lifecycle power solutions for the marine and energy markets.

Wärtsilä offers engines, generating sets, seals, bearings, automation, power electric systems, gears, propulsors and ship design, basically everything you need to efficiently move a vessel in water.

We were challenged to design a bridge that met the Wärtsilä strategy of providing a product for the full scope of all ship operating systems.

Wärtsilä 3C Bridge, HMI / GUI

In the struggle to create a user friendly interface in this complex system environment a lot of effort was spent on designing a redundant GUI as well as grouping functions in a logical and ergonomic hierarchy.

Functional, intuitive, flexible, ergonomic and intelligent. The application icons for various functions could seamlessly be selected and moved on the displays so that specific tasks are located exactly where you need them.

Control Bridge

The basic idea is that with one seamless integrated system for Route planning, optimal engine configuration and decision support, a total efficiency can be achieved lowering fuel consumption and maintenance requirements.

Wärtsilä 3C Bridge, HMI / GUI

(Above) System functions from left to right: Engines/Ecometer, Weather Routing, Chart Radar, Metereological Forecast, Conning, Radar, System Watch Call, CCTV, Fire Alarm, Shore reports.

(Left) Centre Console: Propulsion Controls, Tillers, Emergency Buttons, Touch Screen controls for multiple ship functions

Wärtsilä 3C Bridge Mock-up Demonstration

Bridge mock-ups and prototypes were built and tested. Here we are all gathered at Prototal in Husqvarna, reviewing the initial consoles.

Prototypes of control levers

CNC Milled
Hand crafted
Rubber coating