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Welcome to Splitvision
We know how to make things. Excellent things. Whether it´s the future standard of domestic power plugs or a range of packaging that lowers CO2 emissions by more than 50%, we have the experience, know-how and organization to make it happen.

Now we are on a new mission. That is to help forward looking companies transition to a circular economy.
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Leaving Linear

At Splitvision we help our customers initiate the move out of the linear economy and towards a sustainable, circular one. The need for a circular economy and the benefits are well researched, documented and pursued by industry leaders from Google to IKEA to Unilever.

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For Circular

We are experts at creating product solutions with durable qualities and functions that can be used and reused by users, thereby maintaining the item in the inner ring, where most value is preserved. For packaging, we employ the same rationale. By putting more effort into the packaging initially, we believe in creating a valued by-product to your core item, increasing the chances of a long second life at the user’s home.

For single use or few-time use applications we twist and turn the manufacturing techniques to lower your footprint while ideal solutions are still immature.  When we do make disposable packaging, we promote renewable source options to minimize negative leakage in the system. For more information about the circular economy, please visit: www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org
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And while we are on our way

Merely the thought of trying to go circular can be paralyzing. But that is no excuse not to do anything here and now.

The good news is that there are many actions you can take in the short term to reduce your climate impact. It’s not just about finding new materials. It may just as well be about changing your ordering routines or making your item repair friendly.

We have tools and experience to help you quickly improve your climate footprint. It’s urgent so call us now and let’s get going.

Credits: H. Brezet and C. van Hemel (1997)