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We know how to make things. Excellent things. Whether it is a control room for a power plant or a device to help children take their medicine, we have the experience and know-how to make it happen. Of course, we can’t do it all alone. We have tons of help.

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Splitvision Design

We have been developing products since 1989. From initially strictly offering industrial design we have broadened our service portfolio over the years to become a full turn-key solution provider for product realization.

What this means is that we’ve integrated the industrial design process with a manufacturing system, that can ensure your original idea’s integrity while maintaining control over costs and speed up the time to market.

We are designers, engineers, buyers, sourcing specialists, QC specialists, logisticians, project managers and businesspeople who love to make good things.

We have offices in Stockholm, Sweden – Shenzhen, China – Dallas TX, USA.





To develop successful hardware you need lots of different expertise and tools. To coordinate that, you need a well-defined process. In order for it not to take for-ever, you need an agile organization. That’s us.

Design / Engineering

With more than 20 years of experience in product development, we strive to direct our talented design team to deliver competitive solutions to our customers.

Our design process is structured on a flat, open and systematic methodology, based on our expertise within; Design Strategy, Product and Transportation Design, HMI / GUI, Advanced 3D Modelling, Mechanical Engineering, and Prototypes

But what really makes us unique is our manufacturing experience. So when engaging Splitvision for product design, you also get access to significant manufacturing experience as well.



Splitvision offers manufacturing services within a wide range of techniques and materials through a trusted partner network.

The main focus is on injection molded plastic with high functional and cosmetic demands.

Our customers range from start-up-brands outsourcing the production of their core product, to large corporations out-sourcing the design and manufacturing of their accessories.

Reduction of total product cost

Minimal project management and product risk on customer side reduces total cost.

Single point of contact

Your dedicated project manager is responsible and accountable all the way.

Minimized development time

Seamless handovers from designers to engineers- to tool makers- to factories shorten time to market.

Swedish culture of quality, accountability and ethics

Difficult to put a finger on, but perhaps more important than anything else.

Correct fit between demands and capabilities

Bigger is not always better.

Independent quality audit and quality control

We make sure that the factory knows what it should be doing, does it and delivers right.


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