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Re-thinking the Cup

A beverage cup may just be one of the oldest devised products in history. Yet we found that no cup perfectly fit the demands of industrial scale take-out and reuse, ensuring maximum number of rotations, with minimized environmental impact.

Through extensive material research and dialogues with well-known quick-service chains, industrial washing equipment providers and consumers, we have created a range of cups that is proving to be best-in class. With our innovative lid solution that allows you to drink from the brim, consumers can enjoy a pleasant and hygienic drinking experience. A perfect choice for brand conscious restaurateurs.

Reuse Systems

In take-out scenarios, a cup won’t return by itself. That is why we have partnered up with Vytal Global, Europe’s largest digital system for deposit-free reusable packaging.

Vytal´s model ensures the highest return rates of all competing systems (such as deposit or membership) which is the most decisive factor in the environmental performance of a reuse system. Read more about Vytal Global here and Vytal Sverige here.

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