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Reusable cups

A beverage cup may just be one of the oldest devised products in history. Yet we found that no cup perfectly fit the demands of industrial scale take-out and reuse, ensuring maximum number of rotations, with minimized environmental impact.

Through extensive material research and dialogues with well-known quick-service chains, industrial washing equipment providers and consumers, we have created a range of cups that is proving to be best-in class. With our innovative lid solution that allows you to drink from the brim, consumers can enjoy a pleasant and hygienic drinking experience. A perfect choice for brand conscious restaurateurs.

Reusable bowls

The Bowls follow the same design philosophy as the cups, developed specifically for Re-Use scenario in quick service restaurant, deli, café and supermarket settings. The design, material and manufacturing have all been considered for an optimal experience for consumer, restaurateur, shop owner and system provider. A low Co2e profile combined with durable qualities gives a bowl that may have the lowest possible negative impact on people and the environment over the course of its lifetime.

Use scenarios

An example of a system that use our cups and bowls is Vytal, Europe’s largest digital system for deposit-free reusable packaging. Here a QR code on the lid is used to register the loan through a smart phone app. Read more about Vytal Global here and Vytal Sverige here (Swedish version only).

Another example is Rondo, which is a system for retail operations where the consumer pays a deposit when borrowing the products. Rondo pics up the used cups and bowls which are cleaned, inspected and then re sent to the stores. Read more about Rondo here (Swedish version only).

MAX fast food chain is using our cups, and the range is also suitable for festivals fairs and amusement parks when a re use approach is applied.

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