We are a turn-key- solution provider for product realization.
Our well proven integrated industrial design process and manufacturing system ensures your original idea’s integrity while maintaining control over costs and speed up the time to market. Splitvision takes complete ownership of the customer’s product development need. from need​ analysis to delivered item. Depending on project, our customers can choose to engage us for a single phase only, or for​ full leverage, let us take the complete responsibility. ​

Splitvision manufacturing network

Risk reduced = $ saved

Developing products is a risky affair.

Assumptions can be wrong, skills inadequate, timelines too tight, information lost or missing. The higher you aspire in your project; the more complex it gets.

And with increased complexity – ever higher risks.

Our job is making your development a success. To achieve the height of innovation you seek, while reducing risks along the way.
With that, we speed up your time to market.

We are able to do this by our unique combination of skills, manufacturing network and organization; around a single point of contact coordinating all aspects of your project.

So that you are in control – from initial idea – to success delivered.

Product development
User studies
Function analysis
Design strategy
Ideation / Sketches
Concept generation
Mechanical engineering
Surface modeling – CAD
Rapid prototypes
CAD finalisation
Technical drawings
Technical specifications
Production dialogue
Production file set
Supply management
Design integration
Supplier qualification
Quality agreement
Tooling concept
Tool drawings
Mold flow analysis
Tool production
Reliability testing
Quality control plan
Work instructions
Test production
Production qualification
Mass production
QC / Delivery
Planning / SCM
Continuous improvements
Splitvision - Design and engineering

Design / Engineering

With more than 30 years of experience in product development, we strive to direct our talented design team to deliver competitive solutions to our customers. Our design process is structured on a flat, open and systematic methodology, based on our expertise within; Design Strategy, Product and Transportation Design, HMI / GUI, Advanced 3D Modelling, Mechanical-Engineering, and Prototyping. But what really makes us unique is our manufacturing experience. So when engaging Splitvision for product design, you also get access to significant manufacturing experience as well.

Life Cycle Analysis

Environmental impact analysis – a natural part of our offer. Our competent and detailed LCA enables informed choices to achieve sustainability targets. With our actionable insights into the products and supply-chain, our customers can also rest assured that we are ahead of the curve on upcoming and ever- growing regulatory demands.


Splitvision offers manufacturing services within a wide range of techniques and materials through a trusted partner network. Our customers range from start-up-brands outsourcing the production of their core product, to large corporations out-sourcing the design and manufacturing of their accessories and packaging.
Besides raw material choices, transport distance and manufacturing region also has a very large impact on the environmental footprint of a product. Finding technologies that enable cost efficient manufacturing closer to customer is part of our offering.

Multi supplier network

We are a manufacturing- technique independent supplier. That means that we don’t own the machines that would produce your item. But this also means that we don’t try to convince you to manufacture in a certain technique just to fill the capacity of our machines.

Instead, we develop a solution which is best from a market perspective and work through a broad network of resource owners (factories) to fulfil the production.

From small Mom & Pop vendors to large scale manufacturing plants we have the network and experience to select a correct fit for your product.

Our main production areas are in China and Europe. Of course, all our partners are thoroughly vetted, adhere to our CSR policies and audited on a regular basis.

We are a truly market-orientated production resource.

– Injection molding – Plastic sheet machining – Paper / Card / Print – Pulp molding – Electronics – Cable assemblies – Metal machining – Cut and sewn goods – Silicone press molding – Extruded aluminium


Speed to market
Seamless handovers from designers to engineers- to tool makers- to factories shorten time to market.
Single point of contact
Your dedicated project manager is responsible and accountable all the way.
Reduction of total product cost
Minimal project management and product risk on customer side reduces total cost.
Multiple techniques
Global network of plastic-paper/pulp- metal- electronics- and sown goods manufacturers.
Correct fit between demands and capabilities
Bigger is not always better.
Independent QA and QC
We make sure that the factory knows what it should be doing, does it and delivers right.
Industry synergies
Cross industry inspiration and know how.
Passion for sustainability and circular thinking
Exploring, Sharing, Acting.
Nordic culture of quality, accountability and ethics
Difficult to put a finger on, but perhaps more important than anything else.